Welcoming Workshop for New Students

Survival Study Skills in the “New Normal”

29-May-2020, Fri, 10am-12.00pm : https://forms.gle/EA759PB2mRKKkPzi6
1-Jun-2020, Mon, 10am-12.00pm : https://forms.gle/subnm2iZYs9o2ivt7

2-Jul-2020, Thu, 2pm-4pm : https://forms.gle/SwBUCPyikboL8qjL6

3-Jul-202, Fri, 2pm-4pm : https://forms.gle/KdrxtqUArurRPpiY9

Essential Skills for 21st Century Students - Effective Presentation Skills via Online
29-May-2020, Fri, 10am-12.00pm : https://forms.gle/npTNaYMymGVvNbye6
1-Jun-2020, Mon, 10am-12.00pm : https://forms.gle/LDm7jAer6oCAKQN38

16-Jun-2020, Tue, 2pm-4pm : https://forms.gle/nFtrXB8DdsoXAUxWA  

Managing Time Effectively
5-Jun-2020, Fri, 10am-12.00pm : https://forms.gle/vVdRiec7H3JoKUTt6

Adapting to New Normal in Higher Education
16-Jun-2020, Tue, 10am-12.00pm : https://forms.gle/G6mmfwVBa4hrQNZ89

Presentation Skills
4 June 2020, Thu, 10am-12.00pm : https://forms.gle/CVSQtNoHpognBWic9
5 June 2020, Fri, 10am-12.00pm : https://forms.gle/r1KGYjJCcrnxZYdm8

Study Skills
9 June 2020, Tue, 10am-12.00pm : https://forms.gle/7E13NHNWcqc7CXbA6
10 June 2020, Wed, 10am-12.00pm : https://forms.gle/img8VMNX7bmRSDZj9

Understand and Get Rid of Financial Scam

3-Jun-2020, Thu, 10am-12.00pm : https://forms.gle/uUUaJz2yLWNkpVBE8

DSSC Activity Venue