Training Programmes / Workshop

   Department of Soft Skills Competency (DSSC) offers short programmes  to       equip students with the necessary soft skills and life skills to enhance their       competitive edge in the job market and excel in life. DSSC engages                 experienced trainers and also works in collaboration with public and private     sector organisations to conduct the following key areas of soft skills and life     skills programmes for students:

    1. Communication and Language Skills
    2. Cognitive Adaptability and Innovative Skills
    3. Complex Problem Solving and Decision Making
    4. Critical and Analytical Thinking
    5. Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Collaborative Skills
    6. Moral and Professional Ethics
    7. Leadership Skills
    8. Growth Mindset and Lifelong Learning
    9. Entrepreneurship Skills
    10. Digital Literacy and Technological Skills

Time Table

Kampar Campus

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Sungai Long Campus

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