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Is it compulsory to join USSDC?
 UTAR Students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to join the USSDC certification programme because it is a record of students' achievements and effort to improve themselves in the following areas of soft skills and life skills:

  • Communication and Language Skills
  • Cognitive Skills, Adaptability & Innovative Skills
  • Complex Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Critical and Analytical Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Collaborative Skills
  • Moral and Professional Ethics
  • Leadership Skills
  • Growth Mindset and Lifelong Learning
  • Entrepreneurship Skills
  • Digital Literacy and Technological Skills

What will I get from registering in USSDC?

I) USSDC & Transcript

Students' co-curricular and extracurricular activities are recorded in USSDC transcripts with USSDC points. If you have gained 100 points (a minimum of 10 points from each core component), you will be awarded a USSDC certificate. 

ii) Quantum of UTAR Student Mobility Sponsorship

USSDC point is one of the quantum for application of UTAR Student Mobility Sponsorship for Outbound Student Programmes (Overseas).  A student who has earned a minimum 10 USSDC points will be eligible to apply for the sponsorship.  For further information and other conditions, please visit the webpage of Student Mobility Programme One Stop Centre http://studentmobility.utar.edu.my/

Are you sure we can improve our soft skills by participating in co-curricular and extra curricular activities?

Well, as the saying goes, "Rome was not built overnight". Skills need to be learned and practiced, and talents are polished and refined each day through hard work and dedication.  Learning soft skills and life skills is a lifelong learning process.  It truly depends on the student's initiative to put in more effort to enhance his/her skills in these areas.    

I do not have sufficient financial resources to participate in the USSDC programmes.

For those who have financial issues, we have good news for you!

  1. You can enroll in any FREE TALK/WORKSHOP held from time to time.
  2. We encourage students to be a MOTIVATOR to encourage their friends to join soft skills and life skills training programmes. A motivator will be awarded Soft Skills Recruitment Incentive (SSRI) if he/she introduces his/her friends to register for and complete paid soft skills/ DSSC programmes.  10% of the fee for the soft skills/ DSSC programme registered by students whom are introduced, can be later used to offset fees of paid programmes. 
  3. Student leaders will be awarded Soft Skills Complimentary Incentive (SSCI) which can be used to offset fees of paid programmes. 

 How much do I need to pay for DSSC programmes?    

The fees of the offered programmes range from RM 5.00-RM 150.00.  DSSC also offers free activities for students to enhance their soft skills.  The FOC activities include

      Free Talks

      Free Workshops

      Speakers’ Corner

      Community Projects

What would happen if I have reached the maximum points for a particular core component?    

You are encouraged to collect points for other core components as being competent in multiple soft skills is equally important. If you have reached the maximum points for one core component, the remaining points will be kept on hold in the system (except under free talk category). However, once you have reached maximum points for all components (7 or 10 depending on your date of registration), the points on hold will be released and you may upgrade your grading to a higher level and until you reach 'PLATINUM'.

Where can I check for the latest talk/workshop/community service that DSSC offers?   

You can check the timetable and posters through our DSSC website and Facebook page, DSSC-UTAR Sg Long Campus and DSSC-UTAR Kampar Campus.

How can I know which core component a talk/workshop/community project belongs to?   

The core components and USSDC points are stated in the timetable and posters. 

What is the deadline to claim USSDC Points?   

1 week before the commencement of study leave of the final trimester of the final year of students' study in UTAR.