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Department of Soft Skills Competency (DSSC) offers short programmes to equip students with the necessary soft skills and life skills to enhance their competitive edge in the job market and excel in life.  It also coordinates the University's compulsory unit on co-curricular. 

With its vision of providing holistic education, the University looks beyond developing students academically to providing them with other skills that enhance their contributions to the workplace and society. 

Soft skills are essential skills in the workplace. Students with excellent soft skills can fit into most environments because they are adaptable, flexible, committed and persevering, and able to display the right attitude. Such qualities cut across all disciplines. In order to perform well and advance in one's career, one needs to have high levels of soft skills in dealing with people. In short, technical skills need to be complemented with soft skills. Soft skills take years to develop. Students are therefore encouraged to start developing their soft skills while pursuing their academic study. 

With effect from January 2009, UTAR has introduced the UTAR Soft Skills Development Certificate (USSDC), a certification system to recognise students' achievements and efforts to improve themselves in areas of communication, leadership, teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, problem solving skills, entrepreneurship skills, digital literacy, lifelong learning and commitment to integrity. It involves experiential learning in training programmes, interaction sessions and extra-curricular activities. Students are strongly encouraged to register for the USSDC.

The six human brain function; Thinking or Cognition, Perception or Sensing, Emotion or Feeling, Behaviour, Physical or Somatic and Signaling (responsive and reacting towards the environment) is mirroring the 10 core components emphasize by the department; Communication & Language Skills, Cognitive Skills, Complex Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Teamwork, Moral and Professional Ethics, Leadership Skills, Lifelong Learning & Information Management, Entrepreneurship Skills and Digital Literacy.

Digital Brain Graphic
By using digital connector in shaping the brain graphic compliment the interpersonal skills with digital literacy.

Campus referring to the department location.

Key Areas of Soft Skills

1. Communication and Language Skills
2. Cognitive, Adaptability & Innovative Skills
3. Complex Problem Solving & Decision Making
4. Critical and Analytical Thinking
5. Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence and Collaborative Skills
6. Moral and Professional Ethics
7. Leadership Skills
8. Growth Mindset and Lifelong Learning
9. Entrepreneurship Skills
10. Digital Literacy and Technological Skills

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